Health is like a song, your body is the tone, your mind is the lyric, your heart is the beat, your spirit is the melody, and they all must be played in perfect harmony. essay please help me


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This idea was the bottom line of many ancient philosophies and thinking trends. sinceold times the philosophers have tried to find out the link between mind, body and soul. They used to isolate themselves in the heart of vergin nature to find the inner peace. A good example are the great Kungfu masters who could do "magical" things only using the power of the mind. Another brilliant example are the ascetics, monks that live in isolation,  such as Serafim from Sarov or Sergei from Radonez, who eliberated their souls from the burden of this world and found the inner peace in serving the God and the people.In my opinion, based on what I've read, everything starts from the mind. We must learn how to identify the positive thoughts and help them grow and become fruitful in our heart, and we must, as well, fight the negative ones. This is a hard work. It requests a lot of self concentration and self discipline. We should never let the negative thoughts poison our mind, because the negative state of mind will affect the engineof the body- the heart. In its turn, the heart will pump blood worse, the vital exchange processes will slow down and the bode will be powerless in the fight against diseases and viruses. As for me, four elements are the most important for a healty life: peace of mind and soul, phisical exercise, a healthy diet and enough rest. These four elements will help our body work harmoniously and defend itself from illnesses.In conclusion acan say that we must pay attention to our thoughtss, because they become words; pay attention to words - they become actions; pay attention to actions because they become habbits, and the habbits determine our character, state of mind and health.