Составьте предложения на английском языке из следующих слов: 1) were, 2) industrial, 3) in, 4) enterprises, 5) there, 6) the region, 7) no. 2. 1) close, 2) established, 3) the, 4) Academy, 5) contacts, 6) scientists, 7) with, 8) foreign. 3. 1) problem, 2) in detail, 3) this, 4) studied, 5) they.


Ответы и объяснения

No, now I do not want five tea. Close the door please. Moscow is the capital of Russia. She is studying at the Academy of Sciences. Scientists have discovered new species of plants. We were in a movie. In my area are building an industrial plant. Now I am in Moscow. This man is very enterprises. He was there. I live in this region. Вот несколько)