Сделайте предложения вопросительными:

1. Some money will be given to you.

2. Warm clothes are made of wool.

3. Paper is made of wood.

4. He is always correctly informed.

5. Much coal is found in this district.

6. his name was often mentioned in this article.

7. Meat is sold at the butcher's shop.

8. Lost time is never found again.

9. the picture was praised.

10. America was discovered in 1492.

11. The Tower of London was built in 1078.

12. Your proposal will be accepted.

13. The letter will be E-mailed tomorrow.

14. The document will be signed next week.

15. Butter is sold at the dairy shop.

16. They were alarmed by her look.


Ответы и объяснения


1. Will any money be given to you?

2. Are warm clothes made of wool?

3. Is paper made of wood?

4. Is he always correctly informed?

5. Is much coal found in this district?

6. Was his name often mentioned in this article?

7. Is meat sold at the butcher's shop?

8. Is lost time never found again?

9. Was the picture praised?

10. Was America discovered in 1492?

11. Was the Tower of London built in 1078?

12. Will your proposals be accepted?

13. Will the letter be E- mailed tomorrow?

14. Will the document be signed next week?

15. Is butter sold at the dairy shop?

16. Were they alarmed by her look?

   is, are, am ,was, were, will          выходят на первое место


1 Will some money be given to you

2 Are warm clothes made of wool

3 Is paper made of wood

4 is he always correctly informed

5 is much coal found in this district

6 was his name often mentioned in this article

7 is meat sold at  the butcher's shop.

8 is lost time never found again

9 was the picture praised

10 was America discovered in 1492.

11 was The Tower of London  built in 1078.

12 will Your proposal be accepted.

13 will The letter  be E-mailed tomorrow

14 will The document be signed next week.

15 is  Butter  sold at the dairy shop.


 16 were They  alarmed by her look.