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Sat down to write about Sept. 1, and can not understand - it's hilarious or sad day. On the one hand - over the summer vacation, warm nights and the opportunity to sleep till noon, on the other - it's time activity, learning, new friends and new developments. Therefore, this day neither cheerful nor sad. September 1 - a kind of reference point. The change in life. I hope that with this new first school day, September 1, I will be doing great.


I love September 1. For me, this day is always a holiday. And I'm preparing for it in advance. I'm preparing a nice clothes and stroked her perfectly. I clean my new shoes. But it's all for me, and for the teachers I have special surprises. I want to please all the teachers and buy them sweets, cakes. They always thank me and say nice things about me. But most of all I praise my mistress. I really love her. And for her, I always separate gifts. It's always something that she loves. This may be coffee, candy, cookies ... Anything! My mother often cooks for her cupcakes. Teacher loves blueberry. And she is always very happy to them. As well as her favorite pies with cabbage. I always try to please my beloved teacher yummy things, and she had me good grades!