Ответьте на вопросы, используя the Past Perfect Tence

1. Why didn't you come so soon from your holiday?(spend all the money).

2. Why did she refuse to go to the pictures with you? (see the film)

3. Why couldn't you get into the flat?(lose the key)

4. Why didn't you see Ann on Sunday? ( go for weekend)

5. Why did you rush to the cloak-room during the first break? (leave the book there)

6. why didn't you ring Tom up? (quarrel with him).

7. Why didn't you cook salad? (not buy vegetables)

8. Why did he feel so upset? ( lose the job)

9. Why didn't you send him a letter at once?(send a telegram)

Составьте вопросительные или отрицательные предложения

1. We shall have finished our work by the time the bell rings.

2. My parents will have gone to bed when we come back from the theatre.

3. I shall have read the book by next Monday.

4. The film will aiready have started when we get there.

5. When you come he will have had a bath.


Ответы и объяснения


1.  I'd spent all the money.
2. She'd seen the film.
3. I'd lost the key.
4. I had gone for weekend.
5. I had lest the book there.
6. I had quarelled with him.
7. I had not bought vegetables.
8. He had lost his job.
9. I had sent him a telegram. 

We shall not have finished...
Will your parents have gone...?
I shall not read...
Will the film have started...?
Will he have had a bath when I come?