помогите пожалуйста ,....написать короткий текст 5 - 7 предложений со словами

1. to prevent, nervous, very, quite, kindly, to enter, rich, land, others, actions.
2. To know, carefully, today, communication, attention, eager, time, whenever, imagination, favourite.
3. Level, education, different, main, career, pupils, foreigh, others, to enjoy, everybody. please


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In Middle Ages, land was mostly owned by rich people. They felt very nervous about it and took actions in order to keep people out of their land. Yet things were to change. Quite slowly, yet unstoppably, this system began to degrade. Other people took power, "kindly" given them by former authorities.

Communication today is very important. Carefully selected communication partners can make us richer mentally. This is especially important to people who are eager to gain new knowledge. Also, it's important whether or not two persons' favourite subjects match. In case they do, whenever they are together, they will be ready to speak and to share.

One's career is greatly influenced by his education. Different education levels of job applicants often determine their suitability for a job. Nowadays, main sources of qualified professionals are considered to be foreign countries. Pupils who were taught there usually get employed easier compared to others.. That's why it's important for teachers to get students to enjoy learning; while government should give everybody opportunities to gain education.