Пожаааалуйста срочно нужно написать диалог большой на тему :

summer has come.The exams are over you talk with your friend about your preferences in seasons and prospects for the vacation


Ответы и объяснения


- hi! how are you?

- i'm pretty fine, thank you, what about you?

- not so good, you know. i hate summer, it'so so hot outside!

- i hear you. i'm not fond of summer eather, but i always have a bottle of cold water in my purse, it helps. 

- thank you, i could really use it! but what about your vacations?

- oh, i thought you'd never ask! my dad and i are going skiing! it has to be the greatest thing in the world: snow, sports and my family around. are you leaving town for summer?

- yes, i wanna see Paris and my mom allowed me to do it with my older sister, you saw her other day.

- wow, that's so great, i'm so happy for you!

- thank you!  well, i got to go, see you!

- bye.