Samuel Johnson, English writer, said: « if a man doesn't make new friends as he advances
through life - he will soon find himself alone. A man should keep his friendship in constant
Expressing your opinion, don't forget to mention:
1. What problem is touched upon in the text?
2. Explain your agreement or disagreement with the statements.
3. Why is the problem actual nowadays?
4. What is your opinion about the problem?


Ответы и объяснения

  • Boggi
  • середнячок

1. The problem that is mencioned in the text is about our friends, that we need to make new friends throught life.

2. I agree with the statements because friendship is a sensitive thing nowadays and if you don´t socialise with people soon, you may end up alone. And we need also to pay close attention who is your friend or not.

3. The problem is actual nowadays because there are many people who just sit at home at their computer and don´t talk to anyone, and that will affect their social life.

4. My opinion about the problem is simple: if you want to make friends, just do it! And don´t be shy.