Подберите соответствующий «хвостик» к каждому вопросу

1. It isn't cold,…

a) will they?

2. The police caught him,….

b) doesn’t he?

3. You stole it,….

c) will you?

4. They won't tell anyone,…

d) is it?

5. It's Thursday today,….

e) are they?

6. There's no proof,…

f) aren’t I?

7. You didn't say that,…

g) didn’t they?

8.They aren't French,…

h) isn’t it?

9.Please help me, …

i) aren’t we?

10.They're working hard,….

j) didn’t you?

11.He loves you, ….

k) aren’t they?

13.We're late,…

l) is there?

14. Don’ t take all the money,

m) will you?

15. I'm very nice,

n) did you?


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1 is it?

2 didn't they?

3 didn't you?

4 will they?

5 isn't it?

6 is there?

7 did you?

8 are they?

9 will you?

10 aren't they?

11 doesn't he?

13 aren't we?

14 do you?

15 aren't I?


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