сочинение THE way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives


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We all exist in the society and are part of it. It affects our worldview determines our actions. From early childhood we vyberaem the environment in which we are comfortable and interesntno, but if not then adapt to it. We all know the fact that says that much of an impact on the person playing his society. If a person is surrounded by cruelty, it is uncountable and personality it will develop, on the other hand, those who surround themselves with Luli successful, motivated people who have a different identity. The relationship of personality and society - is not easy. On the one hand, do not be a society, there would be no personality. Social environment - soil, which grew every particular person, the source of its strength, intelligence, education and culture. However, the society has its own laws and not always focused on the interests of the individual. whereby between the society and the individual may be conflicts.
A person wants, and socium to care no. Furthermore, society in the face of teachers, police officers and even adults often impose a strict form requirements to a specific person. "Seven years old - go to school. The lesson does not make a noise, and listen to the teacher. Crossing the road - only a red light ..." Cheerful kids call it a life and fun to learn that it is useful. Lazy children tend to think it is rather imposing and depict the suffering that from them behind.
In conclusion, I want to say about what each of us is a part of society and we have to think that we are in him.