Open the brackets the necessary tenses.

1.It(to rain) last night when I (leave) the University.

2.The family(to move) to Moscow 2years after Boris (to graduate) the college.

3.The teacher is bysy now.She(to listen) to the students book reports.She(to listen) to them for two hours already.

4.She (to say) he (to study) English for 5 years and(to know) it wery well.

5.We (not to see) eash other since our childhood.

6.When you(to fall ill)? I (to fall ill) 10 days ago.I never (to be ill) for such along time. 7.You (to hear) me well?Yes, (to hear) you wery well,but I(not to understand) anything.You(to speak) too quickly.

8.Mary(to call) you after she (to pass) her last exam,which (to be) very difficult.


Ответы и объяснения


1. It was raining last night when i left the University.

2. The family moved to Moscow 2 years after Boris has graduated the college.

3. The teacher is busy now. She is listenning to the students book reports.She has been listenning to them for two hours already.

4. She says he has been studing English for 5 years and knows it wery well.

5. We have not been seeing each other since our childhood.

6. When did you fall ill? I fell ill 10 days ago. I never was ill for such along time.

7. Are you hearing me well? Yes, hear you well, but I don't understand anyhing. You are speaking  too quickle.

8. Mary call you after she has passed her last exam, which was very difficult.

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