Нужно написать небольшие рассказы по вопросам по учебнику за 9 класс Spotlight Рассказ на каждую тему рассчитан на 1,5-2 минуты(темы для экзамена)

6.Art and Literature.
Tell: 1) What types of art you know.
2) Which of them you are keen on.Why?
3) What your favorite singer (group, artist, composer) is.Why?
Tell: 1) What wild, domestic animals you know.
2) What pets people have.Why?
3)How you can help stray ano\imals.


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6. Art and literature.

Art is a unique phenomenon. I know lots of its types such as music, dance, sculpture, literature, theatre and others. Each of them has its own qualities and features. Every amn can find his favourite branch of art.

Personally I like music. For me, this is a very special type of art. Its magical always wondered people. Music has huge influence over people mind. In addition I like music because it is a wonderful way to spend my free time- just wandering around, listening music and doing nothing.

Each man adores his own group or musician. For me, that group is Three Days Grace. That is a Canadian group that plays post- grange rock. I like it because of  its special music and because its songs are meaningful- quality lots of modern songs simply do not have.

7. Animals.

There are lots of animals worldwide. Some of them are wild, while other are domestic. Examples of wild animals are kangaroos, bears, crocodiles, wolves, deer. Domestic animals are cats, cows, sheep, goats, dogs.

Usually people have cats and dogs as their pets. They are the most convintional pets. They do not require much care anв are graetly enjoyable animals. However some people prefer more exotic types of pets and sometimes have crocodiles as their pets. This is also understandable, yet those people should remember they have a double responsibility upon them.

One more problem related to pets is stray animals. It's a very common problem nowadays, but people do usually not enough to help those animals. I always try to help stray animals by simply feeding them and bringing them to special places where they can live safely. Those measures, if done by everyone, would greatly contribute to vanishing of the problem.