Нужно написать небольшие рассказы по вопросам по учебнику за 9 класс Spotlight Рассказ на каждую тему рассчитан на 1,5-2 минуты(темы для экзамена)

Tell: 1) What new technologies you know.
2) What you use them for (at least 3 items)
3) Which of them you like most.Why?
5.Jobs and qualities.
Tell: 1) What jobs are popular nowadays.
2) What qualities you need to do a particular job (Name 3 jobs and as many qualities related to them as you can)
3) What your parents do.If they are satisfied with what they are doing?Why?


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Nowadays, technologies are rapidly developing. And of the most rapidly developing is one related to electrotechnic and computing. For example, now there is tendency to make every piece of electronic equipment as small as possible, thus improving it.

To illustrate, I would like to point out on tablet PCs. They are serving as a perfect example of such a technology. As everyone knows, when the computer technology was at its very beginning, computers were huge, plainly speaking. Now they reach the size af a book. Another technology 'm in favor of is portable MP3 players. They are very convenient. And the last is a "smart" technology. This technology can feel what a man is doing and adjust itself according to that.

Personally I like tablets. They can make lots of useful things without occupying too much space.


Nowadays, there are lots of jobs. I think they are all equally useful But each man should be able to find a job that suits him.

One of the most important occupations is teacher. Teacher, first of all, should be patient, knowledgeable and having a passion towards his job. Next, he should love his children and be willing to share his knowledge with them. Next one is engineer. He should be very creative, as far as he's making the appearance of a city sometimes; he should be responsible as well. and he last is a doctor. Doctor should also be responsible, because his job is related to people; he should be careful, patient and be attentive towards his patients.

My parents are both teachers. I would say they are quite satisfied with their current work, because they are happy to do it. And that is very important.