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2.kind\ you\ what\ music\ of\ do\ like?

3.listen\ how\ do\ musik\ often\ you\ to?

4. TV\ on\ programmes\ do\ watch\ you\ music?

5 Have\ live\ been\ you\ a\ ever\ concert\ to?

6 like\ hear\ what\ or\ group\ singer\ you\ would\ like\ to?

7 will\ to\ group\ what\ singer\ or\ you\ listen' never\?

8 interview\ would / to\ like\ you\ group\ singer\ or\ what?

9 ask\ question\ would \ favourite\ what\ you\ your\ or\ group\ singer?

10 kind\ what\ show\ of\ it\ was?

11 place\ and\ when\ did\ it\ where\ take?

12\ buy\ difficult\ it\ to\ tickets\ was\ the?
13 they\ expensive\ were?

14 you \ did\ go\ who\ with?

15 the\ you\ like\ did\ seats\?

16 performance\ did\ you\ the\ enjoy?

17 your\ is\ about\ the\ and\ opinion\ show\ performers\ the \ what?

18 popular\ is \ teenager\ cinema\ with?

19 you \ go\ cinema\ often\ to\ do\ the?

20 you\ do' like\ comedies\ watching?

21 favourite\ you\ got\ a\ actor\ have?

22 you\ at\ watcing\ do\ films\ home\ or\ the\ at\ prefer\ cinema?

23 go\ the\ you\ to\ cinema\ last\ did\ week?

24 weekend\ to\ you\ the\ going\ cinema\ at\ are\ the?


Ответы и объяснения

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  • хорошист

Do you like to listening music?

What kind of  music do you like?

How often do you listen to musik

Do you watch music onTV programmes?

Have you ever been to a live concert?

What would you like to hear singer or group?

What group or singer  you will never to listen?

What singer or group would you like to interview?

What question would you ask to your favourite group or singer?

What kind of show it was?When and where did it take place?

Was it difficult to buy the tickets?

Were they expensive?

With whom did you go?

Did you like the seats?

Did you enjoy the performance?

What is your opinion about the performers and the show?

Is teenager cinema popular with?

How often do you go to  the cinema?

Do you like watching comedies?

Have you got a favourite actor?

Do you prefer watcing films at home or at the cinema?

Did you go to the cinema last week?

Are you going to the cinema at the weekend?