1. They all have worked ... at their English. (good, well, hard, hardly)

2. Kate is the ... dancer in our class (good, better, best, best of all)

3.I can speak French. - So ... . (I can, can I, I can't, can't I)

4. The mother didn't let her daughter ... late. (to stay out, stayed out, stay out, staying out)

5. You ... do it now, you can do it tomorrow. (mustn't, needn't, can't, may not)

6. Steve ... English since he was 5 years old (learns, learned, has been learning, is learning)

7. How long ... you ... to drive a car? - For three years now. (are able, were able, will be able, have been able)

8. She ... to do the work immediately. (tells, told, was told, was telling)

9. We wanted to know if they ... to the party. (come, would come, came, have come)

10. If it's dark, you may ... the light. (turn on, turn off, turn in, turn out)

11. He is known ... from the trip. (to return, to be returned, to have returned, returned)

12. Can you tell me how far ...? I can't walk (is it, it is, it was, was it)

13. I haven't taken my exam yet. - ... . (I haven't too, I also haven't, neither have I, neither have)


Ответы и объяснения


1. good at
2. best 
3. can I

4. to stay out 
5. needn"t 

6. has been learning

7. have been able

8. was told

9. would come

10. turn on

11. to have returned

12. is it

13. neither have I