PLEASE , HELP ME!!!! "write a short text ( 5-7 ) sentences using at least 7 words from 10 words given below, everyone, today, young, need, result, difficult, though, excitement, to allow.

2. Used to, government, good, nowadays, industry, develop, difficult,

builgings,everywhere. PLEASE , HELP ME!!!!


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Today I've been at a night club. Even though not everyone was allowed there, the hall was still full of young cheerful people. We only needed ten minutes to realise that we were like one big family. Excitement was just over the top. We were happy and excited like we've never been before.

Nowadays, industry is developing rapidly. New industrial buildings are being built everywhere. Yet this is a modern lifestyle, and despite the fact that we are already used to pollution in our cities, government still should do something to make life more comfortable. It's difficult to live in big but untidy cities.