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Many years ago tea was unknown in European countries. Many people didn't even know the word tea, though drinking tea was very popular in the East. Oncea young sailor came back from India. He was the only son of an old woman and every time he returned to Great Britain from a far-away country he brought his mother a gift. Of course, he tried to bring her something unusual, that she could show to her friends. This time he brought her a box of tea. The old woman didn't know anything about tea, but she liked the smell, and invited all her friends to come and try it. When her guests arrived, she invited them to the dining table. The old woman treated them to cakes and fruit and tea leaves. When the sailor entered the room and saw a big plate filled with the tea leaves, he understood everything. He smiled when he saw his mother's friends eating tea leaves with butter and salt. They pretended they liked it but it was clear they didn't enjoy eating tea leaves. "Where is the tea, mother?" the sailor asked. His mother pointed to the plate in the middle of the table. "No, this is only the leaves of the tea", the sailor said. "Where is the water?" "The water!" his mother said. "I threw the water of course".


Ответы и объяснения


1)Where was drinking tea very popular many years ago?

2)Where did young sailor travel to from Great Britain?

3)Did the sailor have any siblings?

4)Did young sailor try to surprise his mother every time he brought her a gift?

5)Did young sailor try to impress his mother's friends with the gifts he would bring?

6)What did the old woman's friends come to try?

7)Had the old woman ever tried tea before her son brought it from India?

8)Was the sailor angry about the fact that the guests were eating tea instead of drinking it?

9)Did the old woman's friends like eating tea leaves?

10)Was the sailor's mother confused when he asked where the water was?