нужен монолог про интернет , вопросы на монологе зачем нужен интернет ,почему он важен ,почему может быть вреден, ребят очень надо ,помогите пожалуйста !


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Why i need Internet? For Communication. Internet is being used, as we mentioned above, to send and receive information.
Creator of the site, or want to tell about themselves or about their thoughts, or about your site. And in the global virtual space always exists that the person to whom it will be interesting. With a huge number of people is inevitable.
That is why there is the Internet. it is very important, because on the Internet you can find everything.
Why the internet can be harmful? because you can go to the Internet far and long it's like a drug, you can make many other bad actions, it all depends on your intentions. Internet - is a drug. On the one hand, all is fine and fun, the other one will have to pay the price.
Also, the internet is ruining your health. deteriorating eyesight