Помогите с английским, кто хорошо его знает, напишите письмо, пожалуйста. Очень прошу.

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend. Sam.

I went to a concert of guitarists yesterday. A friend of mine invited me to go there and it was a great show.

...What kind of music is popular with teenagers in your country?

...What music events or musical clubs have you got in your school?

...Would you like to have music lessons on your high school or not, why?

Вы получили письмо от вашего англоязычного pen-friend. Сэм.

Я ходила на концерт гитариста вчера. Мой друг пригласил меня туда, и это было отличное шоу.
Какая музыка популярна у подростков в вашей стране?
Какие музыкальные события или музыкальные клубы у тебя в школе?
Вы бы хотели, чтобы уроки музыки были в вашем вузе или нет, почему?


Ответы и объяснения


оформлять умеешь?
тогда я тебе ток напишу три абзаца если нет то напиши в лс
     dear sam,
     hi! how are you. your last letter was impressive. i was really glad to hear that you had a great time.
      well, there are many kinds of music in our country, but our teens would rather listen to rap, rock or dubstep music. so, we've our own music club in our school and it's called landon park. we always give concerts in another schools at the end of a school year. many people admire us for our style and quality of the music. when i was in primary school i loved music lesson because i could really relax from all my trouble and enjoy myself.
      well that's all for now, as i must do my homework, but i'm looking forward to your reply soon.
      best wishes,
      (your name)