Put all possible questions to the sentence: 1. During World War II the government of Germany utilized domestic cartels to produce armaments. 8. Translate into Russian paying attention to the emphatic construction «it is ... that ...»: 2. It is the planners who decide what goods and services will be produced. 3. It is the planners, too, with guidance from the country's political leadership, who decide who will receive the goods and services produced. 4. It was at this time (1936) that Keynes' work was published. 5. Indeed, it is from the early 1970s, when dйtente began to take shape.


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1.when  the government of Germany utilized domestic cartels to produce armaments?


2.Это планировщики, которые решают, какие товары и услуги будет производиться.

3. Это тоже планировщики,с руководством от властей страны, которые решают, кто будет получать товары и услуги.

4.Именно в это время (1936 г.), когда работы Кейнса была опубликована.

5. В самом деле, с начала 1970-х годов, когда начал формироваться dйtente.