When I first arrived here to (A25)... up my new job, I stayed in a hotel, but I soon started looking for a permanent (A26)..., a place to call my own. The first flat I (A27) ... across was cold and uninviting. The flat(A28) ... out onto a factory, so the view was not exactly inspiring. Then I had a look at a small flat in a modern apartment block. It had a parking (A29) ... and was fully furnished, but the rent was far too high for me. I didn't want to end up in a tiny place, so I answered an ad for house-sharing. The house was in a quiet neighbourhood, and as soon as I saw it I (A30) ... in love with it. The room to (A31) ... had a big window. Although it ( A32) ...sharing the kitchen and the living room, I did have my own bathroom, really just a shower and washbasin. There was, however, quite a lot of storage space.


1) get i

2) put

3) take

4) give


1) household

2) department

3) residence

4) habitation


1) went

2) came

3) met

4) moved


1) showed

2) saw

3) watched

4) looked


1) bit


3) position



1) felt

2) fell

3) got

4) grew


1) lend

2) let

3) sell

4) live


1) aimed

2) understood

3) needed

4) meant


Ответы и объяснения


A25. 3) take

A26. 3) residence

A27 2) came

A28 4) looked

A29 4)space

A30 2) fell

A31 4) live

A32 4) meant