Ребят нашла задание, помогите, что тут вообще написать можно? Я про С2)))


Ответы и объяснения


There are many talented people in the world. Some of them are very famous. Is their fame only the result of their talent? Let us discuss this contestable statement.


I cannot agree that a person can be talented in any occupation without being disciplined. I am sure that it is impossible to be the winner only due to your in-born gift. A lot of people are successful at the beginning, but they need to «feed» their talent with hard work to develop themselves to reach new heights.


To mi mind, even if you do not have any talents you can succeed in many occupations only due to being disciplined. Hard work and strict discipline may create miracles. Of course, if you are talented it will be much easier for you, but if you are lazy, your talent will be buried and you will soon lose all your achievements, it is beyond any doubts. My Mum, for example, achieved everything only with the help of discipline. She always puts everything that she needs to achieve down the diary and after achieving one of the goals, she crosses it out and then proceeds to another one. I try to do so, too and it helps me to organize myself.


To sum up, I would like to point out that talent is not the main thing you must have. Discipline is the vital feature.