используйте past simple и past perfect

1) when we ( to arrive)____at the theatre, the performance (to start)____ already

2) i (to do) ____ the dishes before we (to go) ____ for a walk

3)Nick (to play) _______ tennis yesterday, he (to play) ____ never it before

4)Kate (to make)_______ a cake when her parents (to come) ___ home


перепишите в косвенной речи:

1)he said: "i have just received a letter from my unele:

2) "i am going to the theatre tonight" , he said to me

3)the clerk said to them ,:"you can leave the key with maid upstairs"

4)he asked his mother: "what are you doing?"

5) my friend asked me " does your sister play the piano?"


условные предложения. Раскройте скобки

1) if friend (to come) _________ to see me tomorrow. i (to be) ______very glad .

2)if my mother (to buy) ____ a cake , we (to have) ____ a a very nice tea party.

3)if we (to receive)______ a telegram from him last week we( to worry)



Ответы и объяснения

Лучший Ответ!

1)arrived, had already started

2)had done, went

3)played, had never played

4)had already made, came


1)he said that he had just receiveda letter from his uncle

2)he tald me that he was going to the theatre that day

3)the clerk told them that they could leave the key with maid upstairs

4)he asked his mother what she was doing

5)my friend asked me if my sister played the piano



1)comes, will be 

2)buys, will have

3)had received, would not have worried