помогите пожалуйста составить текст про хобби коллекционирование монет на английском.15 предложений не меньше


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1Hobby is a favourite occupation of a person in his free time. 2Most people devote their leisure to hobbies. 3Some people like collecting stamps, coins; others enjoy gardening, taking pictures. 4but my favoirite hobby is collecting old coins. 5In the childhood my father collected coins too.6I liked his collection very much and I decided to carry on the tradition.7When I have got some free time I also like clean my coins.8 My father helped me to begin collecting coins. 9He had several coins and he gave me them. 10Also my grandmother found several old coins and gave me them . 11I joined a club of coins collectors and made new friends who have the same hobby.12Now I can exchange coins  and discuss our collections.13 all my coins are kept in the special box.14i have a lot of coins with images of famous people.15I think that my hobby is exciting!