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   Nowdays extreme sports are quite popular.Some people think that it can help to build character,others think find them awfuly strssful and it's difficult to understand why people put their lives at risk.

   To my mind,each kind of sport  deserves to be respected and extreme sports are not an exception.Many young people get pleasure from hang-gliding,bunjee jumping,scuba diving and many others.These activities prepare people to overcome obstacles in an emergency.Doing such sport reqires patience,it develops self-control and courage.

On the other side,this kind of sports is extremly dangerous,adn many people get hurt.Not everyone person is ready to risk his own life and well-being,especially if they have children or other people who need them.

All in all,we live just once,so we shuold make every moment unforgetable.I mean make all your dreams come true,which are legal and don't break the law.No doubt that extreme sports are dangerous.Just learn about them carefuly before taking part.(151 слово)