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past simple,past continuous,past perfect.

1.By six oclock father(to come)home and at six he(to have dinner).

2.when I(to come)home,my sister (to read) a book which she (to bring)from library. 3.When I(to ring) up Mike,he(to learn) the poem which he(to begin)learning at schcool. 4.when father (to return) from work,we already (to do)our homework.

5.When the teacher (to open)the door of the classroom,the pupils (to sit) at theor desks. 6.She (to go) to the bank when I(to meet)her.

7.At nine oclock yesterday they (to have) supper.

8.While I(to cook) soup,she(to clean) the room.

9.My little sister (to sleep) at this time yesterday.

10.She(to sat)the boss(to sign) all the papers by four oclock.


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1. had come , had dinner

2. came, was reading, had brought

3. rang up, was learning, began

4. returned, had done

5. opened, were sitting

6. was going , met

7. had

8. was cooking, was cleaning

9. was sleeping

10. said, had signed