Переделать в косвенную речь

1. “Do you speak French?” a man asked me in the street. called it his lucky day.

2/Ann said to me, “Does your cousin live with you?”

3. She said, “Haven't you done your homework yet?”

4. “Does Mary know how III. Say these statements in indirect speech. to make cakes?” I asked Mother.

5. “Did you change your plans?” А) Tom said, “I have found some; good friends.” 2. The class- my friend asked me.

6. “Mr. Brown, did you see our Revolution master said to us, “Aina made a .good report on friendship last time.” Museum?” I asked.

7. The teacher said, “Does anybody want to ask me?”

8.“Where is the ticket office?” asked Mrs. Jones.
9.“What shall I do with my heavy luggage?” she said.
10.“What platform does the train leave from?” asked Bill.
11.“When does it arrive in York?” he asked.
12.“When was the timetable changed?” I asked.
13.“Why has the 2.30 train been cancelled?” said Ann.


Ответы и объяснения


1.I was asked If I speak French?

2.I was asked by Ann If my cousin lived with me

3. I was asked If I had done my homework

4. Mother asked If Mary knew how to make cakes

5. I was asked If I had changed my plans

Tom explained that he had found some good friends.

6. бессмысленные предложения

7. The teacher asked if anybody wanted to ask her

8. Mrs. Jones asked where the ticket office was

9.She asked what  she should do with her heavy luggage. 

10.Bill asked what platform the train left from 

11.He asked when it arrived in York 

12.I asked when  the timetable had been changed

13.Ann asked why the 2.30 train had  been cancelled

   ну а все asked, чтобы не было тавтологии можно заменить на wanted to know/wondered