Сочинение на тему <Важно знать иностраный язык> желательно на английском 15- 20 предложений. Мне срочняк как надо в 11 уже сделано должно плиз помогите


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It is important to know their native language, but it is equally important to know and foreign. I believe that knowledge of a foreign language is not only useful in the future, but also play a role . We live in a world of technology. On the Internet, we find pen pals, sometimes - foreigners. And that knowledge of a foreign language helps us to make contact with people who may liveon another continent.

It is important to know English: If you do not know it, you will not get a good, expensive-paying job or a translator in Turkey agenstvo.Ved English World yazyk.Odin of the most important! Blogadarya knowledge of the English language, you can survive!