-Выбрать профессию нелегко. Как ты думаешь, что может помочь тебе сделать выбор:

I agree that the choice of profession is not an easy task. Make a choice can help me to meet people of different professions, the test for career guidance. Also need find out more information about professions

-Путешествие - один из способов узнать другие страны. Чем привлекает туристов Россия? Что бы ты показал своим зарубежным друзьям?:

Russia, the largest country in the world, has always attracted visitors from neighbouring and distant countries. Russia is proud of its architecture, painting, and music. A lot of tourists come to our country to see its beauty and to admire its cultural achievements. I would like to show my foreign friends Moscow, St. Petersburg and the towns of the «Golden Ring»

-Каждая страна имеет свои особенности. С чем у тебя ассоциируется страна изучаемого языка и ее жители?

I have never been to Britain, but I have a strong assosiation with the word combination "Great Britain" - I see an island in the middle of blue-blue sea. The island is covered with haze... Also with the Great Britain I associate words such as football (since it was born there), tea (because they have tradition of drinking tea at five o'clock), Queen Elizabeth II (she's the queen of Great Britain from 1952 to the present.)

-О ком из людей, прославивших нашу страну, ты рассказал бы своим зарубежным друзьям? Кем из знаменитых людей страны изучаемого языка ты восхищаешься?

Sure, I would like to tell my foreign friends about our wonderful poets such as Mayakovsky, Brodsky and Esenina because their work can inspire anyone. I admire such Britons as Lewis Carroll (who wrote my favorite book Alice in Wonderland), Freddie Mercury - British musician who has reached the peak of popularity as the frontman of the rock band "Queen". As a performer, he was known for his vocal talent and bright image, Brian Molko, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the group Placebo.

-Что бы ты рассказал своим зарубежным друзьям о традиционных русских праздниках? Что ты знаешь о праздниках в странах изучаемого языка?

I would like talk about such ancient holidays as Shrovetide and Midsummer Day. For example, on Shrovetide Russians escort winter and meet spring . Main traditional attributes of National Pancake Day celebration in Russia - pancakes, fun, sledding, caroling. And obligatory custom of Midsummer day was a massive swimming: from this day of all the evil spirits came out of the rivers, so until the day Ilyin could swim safely. In addition, water to Midsummer has the life-giving and magical properties. unfortunately, I know only one holiday which is celebrated in the UK. It's Halloween. Begging for sweets and wearing a variety of costumes, the celebration of Halloween is also associated with some specific games and fortune telling.An important tradition of Halloween is the organization of the so-called Haunted attractions Whose main purpose - it's nice to scare visitors

-Ты собираешься провести месяц в семье твоего зарубежного друга. Как ты думаешь, что в этой семье будет интересно узнать о тебе?

I think them it would be interesting to know about me is that I love what I hate about my country, its traditions and custom. Why I decided to study foreign languages.

-Читательские интересы у людей разные. А что любишь читать ты?

Books bring pleasure & delight to readers. They entertain & develop owe imagination . I love to read the classics, sometimes modern literature .Also I like the creativity of the twenties. My favorite writers Fyodor Dostoevsky, Franz Kafka, Victor Pelevin. Poets Mayakovsky, Tsvetaeva, Pushkin, Yesenin


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