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1. Because people need to know in what to put on. In some areas of our planet disasters occur and that they did not harm people better to people to evacuate.
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3. In St. Petersburg the temperate climate ,the weather in St. Petersburg can not cause problems .
4. My favorite type of weather is the heat. In winter I often get sick , I can't stand the cold. In warm weather you can swim.

1. Yes influences. If the weather is gloomy , the mood respectively poor , I do not even want to smile, but at home in this weather creates a cozy atmosphere. On Sunny days I always am, because we are all children of the sun .
2. - Не понял что там написано
3. In the first half of winter weather, as a rule, unstable, with frequent thaws. The sun is low, the day is short, light snow. It cools quickly brought from the West cyclones воздух.Вторая part of winter in colder first. Coming from the West, the air becomes colder, but less humid. Therefore cloudiness decreases, less often become fogs, less rainfall, often intrudes Arctic air, lowering the temperature
Spring in St. Petersburg usually comes at the end of March, when daytime temperatures of air become steadily positive and begins to melt snow. Spring awakening» slower than in the neighbouring, more continental areas: the influence of refrigerated during the winter major водоемов.В early summer cease freezing. The average daily temperature in June is +14,8 °C and in July is +17.8 degrees C. Autumn in Saint-Petersburg starts at the end of August, when the average daily temperature is below +15 C, and the heat of the day, it becomes very rare. The first frost there are in average 10 October.
4. I don't like the cold weather, because I often sick in such weather, and this is a very bad effect.