монолог про школу: -when your school was founded; -what clubs and sports facilities the school has; -whether there is anything special about your school. очень прошу:))) завтра уже отвечать


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my school was built in 1987. i go to school 6 days a week. classes begin at 8;30 o clock in the morning but i usually come to school 10 minutes earlier. each lhave essons last 45 minutes, after lesson we have 5 or 20 minutes break. during this break we go to the canteen to have lunch. every day we have 5 or 6 lessons. the lessons over at 3 o clock in the afternoon. after the classes i dont usually go home right away. we have some out-of-class activities. our social and cultural life is well organized. for example we have an orchestra, a choir, an arts clubs. i take part in the drama club in my school.i think its special in my school. i like my class. i always feel at home there. everybody is so friendly and easy to get along with.