Упр.1.1.8.c. Поставьте a, an или one, где необходимо. a. ___ of my friends advised me to take ___ taxi; another said that there was quite ___ good bus service. b. "___ friend of mine lent me ___ book by Meredith. I've only ___ more chapter to read. Would you like ___ loan of it afterwards?" "No, thanks. I read ___ of his books ___ few years ago and didn't like it. Besides I have ___ library book to finish. If I don't take it back tomorrow I'll have to pay ___ fine. c. Most people like ___ rest after ___ hard day's work, but Tom seems to have ___ inexhaustible supply of energy. d. I've told you ___ hundred times not to come into ___ room with ___ hat on. e. You've been ___ great help to me; ___ day I will repay you. f. My car broke down near ___ bus stop. There was ___ man waiting for ___ bus so I asked him for ___ advice. g. He took ___ quick look at my car and said, "Buy ___ new ___." h. Most of the staff had been there for only ___ very short time, but ___ man had been there ___ year and ___ half, so he knew ___ little more than the rest. i. ___ day a new director arrived. He was ___ ambitious, bad-tempered man, and the staff took ___ instant dislike to him. Пожалуста помогите


Ответы и объяснения


a. one, a; a

b. one, a, one, a, one, a, a, -

c. -, -, -

d. a, a, a

e. -. one

f. a, a, a, -

g. a, -, one

h. -, a, a, -, a

i. one, an, -