Написать письмо емайл: Рассказать где я, что мне тут нравится, что я делаю, какие подарки я купила, когда вернусь. Помогите а?) Кто хорошо пишет сочинения по английскому?:)

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Hi! I'm in New York! It is the best place have been ever! It is so gigant city!

Kate and I go shopping every day! In evenings we really tired of that.

Yesterday we bought presents for all relatives. For mum I have bought new book. She will intrest in this. For dad we have bought a lot of DVDs to his collection. Alex will get MP3 player. He has broken his MP3 player two weeks ago. For Ann we have bought new accesorises. It'beautifull!!

We will arrive home in Monday, the 3rd of June. 

Best wishes, Kristina.