Раскройте скобки. When you(piay) football ? Jack(heve) breakfast 2 hours ago. They already (read) two poems. We(watch) the animais in the zoo today. You ever(be) to London? Yes,I heve. She just (see) her teacher.


Ответы и объяснения


 When have you piayed football ?

Jack has had breakfast 2 hours ago.

They have already read two poems.

We have watched the animais in the zoo today.

Have you ever been  to London? Yes,I have.

She has just  seen her teacher.


When have you piayed football ?Jack has had breakfast 2 hours ago.They have already read two poems.We have watched the animais in the zoo today.Have you ever been  to LondonYes,I have.She has just  seen her teacher.