Училка задала задание! Помогите плиз переделать предложения из активного залога в пасссивный: 1.The waiter will bring us the bill. 2.Her mother bought Mary some sweets. 3.Bob has sold Mark a second-hand car. 4.Jane is going to sent Tom a letter. 5.The travel agency had sent Mrs Green a holiday brochure. 6.When you came Pam was telling me an interesting story. 7.The secretary has given Mr J some letters. 8.My classmate lent me a pen. 9.The tour guide was showing visitors the collection of paintings.


Ответы и объяснения


1. The bill will be brought us by the waiter.

2. Some sweets were bought Mary by her mother.

3. A second-hand car has been sold Mark by Bob.

4. The letter is going to be sent Tom by Jane.

5. The holiday brochure had been sent Mrs.Green by the travel agency.

6. The interesting story was being told me by Pam when you came.

7. Some letters have been given Mr.J by the secretary.

8. The pen was lent me by my classmate.

9. The collection of paintings were being shown visitors by the tour guide.

2 mary was bought some sweets by her mother
3 Mark has been sold a second-hand car by Bob
4 Tom is being sent a letter by Jane
5 Mr Green had been sent a holiday brochure with the travel agency
6 when you came I was being toid an interesting story by Pam
7 Mr J has been given some letters by secretary
8 I was lent a pen by my classmate
9 The visitors were being shown the collection of paintings by the tour guide