Benefits of Reforestation Projects Woodland provides ecosystems for wildlife, resources for humans and even modifies the climate. When trees are cut down, a whole host of disadvantages can ensue, including more frequent flooding. Replanting trees can help reduce erosion and nutrient depletion, keeping areas where rainforests grow fertile and reducing the likelihood of floods. Without trees in rainforests, the topsoil would be washed away, and the nutrients would go with it, as the minerals and chemicals that make soil rich and fertile are mostly stored in the vegetation above ground in these areas. If the Amazon were to be cut down, rainfall would decrease and the temperature would rise, creating a different climate. Reforestation projects may also ensure the conservation of habitats for animals and plants. Some types of fauna may be useful for food, to improve medical science or have other potential advantages for society across the globe. Without reforestation projects, humanity may not have the chance to discover and learn to use plants that could be of value. Benefits of reforestation projects for those living in deforested areas include increasing the availability of clean drinking water, food, fuel and construction materials, as well as offering employment, according to Eden Reforestation Projects. However, reforestation projects can be expensive, and a lot of work, time and money would be needed if the world were to plant enough trees to successfully combat their depletion. In 2008, the Eden Reforestation Projects calculated that the cost of keeping up with the World Bank's recommendations was around $8.5 billion per year. 2.Поставьте вопросы (не менее пяти) ко всему содержанию текста и дайте на них ответы. В вопросах используйте следующие вопросительные слова и выражения: when, how long, why, how much/many, where, etc.


Ответы и объяснения


1)How much does it cost to supply  the Eden Reforestation Project ? -its around $8.5 billion per year.

2)what is the main theme of this article?- to show the problems caused by the woodcuts and possible avoiding of such problems

3)Why should we care about the nature? -  it will cause great ecological problems in the future otherwise

4)when the amount of money spent on reforestation was calculated ?- in 2008

5)which river was mentionedd i the text? the amason