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1)Mom says to her children dinner is ready.

2)Mary says to her parents that she is going to invite all her groupmates to her birthday party.

3)The teacher says they are having a grammar test the next day.

4)My friend asks me what mark I have got for the essay.

5)The teacher asks how many books I have read since the beginning of the year.

6)The mahager asks the customer if he has some complains to make.

7)They asks if I think their daughter will make a good teacher.

8)Alice asks her friend if she would like tea with milk or lemon.

9)The grandmother asks her grandson when he is coming to see her.

10)Martin asks her wife what they are having for dinner today.

11)Mother says to her son not to sit up late. 

12)The doctor says to his patient not to eat so much sugar ans spicy food.

13)The daughter asks her mother to bake a cake for her birthday party.