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- Hello, Ann!
- Hi, Sara! Where are you going?
- I’m going to the park. My parents gave me a digital camera for my birthday. I want to take some pictures. 
- Cool! It’s not easy to take a really good photo. But I think it’s very interesting!
- I agree. There’s much to learn about it for me. You know, I want to manage to take good photos of landscapes and people’s faces.
- That would be great. Good photo helps us to remember happy moments of our life and bad portraits always put in bad mood.
- Exactly! My sister is very pretty girl but she’s not photogenic so she doesn’t look good on photos and she’s always upset about it. 
- You may read a lot about digital cameras in the internet. There are lots of useful information for beginners, including lessons and examples.
- You’re right. I’ve already looked through some. Now I want a little practice.
- You may take a picture of me, if you want. I can be your first experiment.
- Really? Thank you! Let’s do it!