III. Выберите слово с нужным по смыслу префиксом или суффиксом.

1. I know Jim Kerry is very popular but I find him totally childish / childlike.

2. I couldn’t work out whom the letter was from. The signature was childish / childlike.

3. Sarah is so childish / childlike. She always plays trick on her friends.

4. It was wonderful to watch the tiny lambs playing. I got such childish / childlike pleasure from the experience.

5. Sophie is extremely sensitive / sensible at the moment. Anything you say seems to upset her.

6. Karen is not a very sensitive / sensible person. She wore high-heeled shoes for our four-mile walk.

7. I’ve never known her to tell a lie. She’s a very true / truthful person.

8. I can never watch sad films that are based on true / truthful a story. They always make me cry.

9. Susan is so intolerable / intolerant of other people. She never accepts anyone else’s opinion, and she always thinks she knows best.

10. I find Mark’s behaviour intolerable / intolerant. It’s unfair to be so selfish.

11. We’re having an economic / economical crisis at the moment. James has lost his job and I don’t know how we are going to pay the rent.

12. It’s more economic / economical to drive slowly. You can do a lot more miles to the gallop.


Ответы и объяснения


1. Childish

2. Childlike

3. Childish

4. childlike

5. Sensitive

6. sensible

7. truthful

8. true

9. intolerant

10.  intolerable

11. economic

12. economical