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Замените формы глаголов Perfect Passive формами глаголов Perfect Active

1. The doctor has been seen by us there. 2. The salad will have been put by Mary on the plates by 6 o'clock. 3. Some water had been brought by Nick when we came into the house. 4. All the cakes have been just eaten by them. 5. A box of chocolates has been brought for her by him.

6. The window had been opened by someone when we entered the room. 7. The blackboard will have been cleaned by the pupil-on-duty by the end of the lesson. 8. The floor has already been cleaned by my sister. 9. The door has just been opened by my mother. 10. This tape-
recorder has been bought by us recently.


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1. The doctor has seen us there.

2. Mary will have put the salad on the plates by 6 o'clock.

3. Nick had brought some water when we came into the house.

4.  They have just eaten all the cakes.

5. He has brought a box of chocolates for her 

6.  Someone had  opened the window when we entered the room. 

7.  the pupil-on-duty will have cleaned the blackboard by the end of the lesson.

8.  My sister has already cleaned the floor .

9. My mother has just opened  the door

10.  We has recently bought this tape-recorder.