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Magic favorite time of year and time - is, of course, summer. In the summer there are the most unusual events is a wonderful time relaxing and entertainment. In summer, all people have a rest and gain strength for the following year.

Fly happy all life on earth. We only need to be able to see it, and for this we must learn to observe nature, its changes, for her life. Fascinating world around us, which we often do not notice because the busy everyday problems. In the summer, during the holiday, we can go to the park or in the forest and listen to the birds sing as something whispered to each other trees, to see how the bees flit from flower to flower, gathering nectar, which then turn into a fragrant honey. In the forest, if you are lucky, you can see a rabbit or squirrel, watch the woodpecker taps a tree. Going out on a forest clearing, we see how the sun looks, lightly touching the tops of the trees, and fills the entire forest emerald light. We seem to find ourselves in a mysterious, magical world full of secrets and mysteries of nature.
Then we heard the murmur of the brook. What is it cold and tasty thicker than water! It fills forces and allows to quench your thirst.
In the summer, especially in the forest there lives, as all forest dwellers are busy, but we are looking at them, and destroyed unspeakable rest.
What a wonderful world of nature! We just have to learn to live with it in harmony and harmony. To him you can ask for help in times of trouble, and he always tacitly support and help. In summer, nature also gains strength, that they had a long cold winter. Let us and we will come together with nature, protect it from ourselves, and then it will give us the summer heat and its extraordinary beauty.

Сама такое писала в школу:)