Помогите задать к любым из этих предложениям или к предложениям которые на фотографии: общий вопрос,специальный вопрос,алтернативный вопрос,вопрос к подлежащему: 1)Mr.Martin had never married. 2)He wanted to know what the government was doing about the lives of poor people in big industrial cities. 3)So he often went to see his doctor whom he respected very much and whom he definitely belived. 4)He showed the doctor the paper.


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4)He showed the doctor the paper.


Did he show the doctor the paper?- общий

Did he show the doctor or the teacher the paper? - альтернативный

What did he show the doctor? - специальный

Who showed the doctor the paper? - вопрос к подлежащему

He showed the doctor the paper, didn't he? - разделительный