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1. Not many people attended this lecture.

2. He will not leave the ticket on the table.

3. People don't speak English in many countries.

4. An actor didn't kill President Abraham Lincoln.

5. They don't grow bananas in Africa.

6. Chemists don't purify water in different ways.

7. Computers don't process information.

8. The teacher didn't give the students much work.

9. He doesn't cook delicious meal every day.

10. Ann not always wait for Jack.

11. They don't discuss this topic every week.

12. Mike and Nick don't earn a lot of money.

13. She doesn't visit museum on Fridays.

14. Tom doesn't clean the house once a week.

15. Sarah is not writing the letter right now.

16. Sam didn't repair the car.

17. The salesman was not helping the custumer when the thief came into the store.