Надо вставить слова в нужной форме

11 There's______any coffee left

12 He laughed_______as he didn t know what to say

13 He completed his studies______

4 He touched me_____on the arm

15_____the accident was not serious

Слова для вставки





Задание 4.

16 Do more people speak Chinese or English?

a) the, the b) -.- c) the,-

17. Is Amazon shorter than Nile?

a) a, a b) —.— c) the. the

18. Is Africa larger than Europe?

a) a, a b) —,— c) the, the

19. I want to visit British Museum.

a) the b) a c)—

20___Oxford street is the biggest shopping street in______London

a)the, the b) the, a c) ,


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11. Hardly
12. Nervously
13. Successfully
14. Lightly
15. Happily

16. b
17. c
18. b
19. a
20. c, видимо ( никаких артиклей не надо)