Прочитайте текст. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках после цифр 18—22, в нужную форму и заполните пропуски. It was a nice winter day. It_________________18 (snow) but it wasn't windy and I decided to walk instead of going by bus. Everything _________________ 19 (cover) with snow and it looked beautiful. I was crossing the road when somebody called me by name, it was a little man in a funny hat, he was waving me from the opposite side of the road. "Jack, is it you? I'm so happy to see you! We_______________ 20 (not/see) each other for fifteen, no - for seventeen years!" His voice seemed familiar, but I _____________ 21 (not/recognise) him anyway. He understood that and looked a bit hurt, "Can't you recognise me? I'm Sam. We _________________ 22 (play) for the University football team when we were students."


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2-has imposed


4-not recognized


надеюсь,что помогла.