what characteristics are necessary for these jobs? Complete the table with the most suitable words 1.a nurse- kind, friendly 2.a dentist- responsble,... 3.a engineer-smart,... 4.a farmer 5.a housewife 6.a driver 7.a postman 8.a firefighter 9.a police 10.a vet 11.a mechanic 12.a manager.


Ответы и объяснения


1- caring, sweet, smart

2-precise, accurate, intelligent

3-professional, efficient, social

4-brave, kind, manly

5-neat, loveful, not whimsical

6-intelligent, precise, punctual

7-punctual, fast, responsible

8-brave, punctual, bold

9-strict, law-abiding, responsible

10- brave, kind, careful

11-accurate, correct, intelligent

12-strategic, creative, sociable


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