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I you He She It They have has is am are

My Dogs

I am nine years old and I love dogs. I ______________ got two dogs.

Their names _____________ Angel and Rocky. Rocky _____________ a brown

dog. _______________ likes playing with his toys. Angel isn’t brown, she is

black. Her favourite toy is a ball. _______________ likes playing with it. She

_______________ a bowl with her name on it.

After school _______________ take the dogs for a walk with my mum. The

dogs are happy on their walk. _______________ love running in the field.

_______________ is a big field. They run very fast.

Do _______________ like dogs? They are lots of fun to play with!

2. Во вложении


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Have. are. is. he. she. has. i. they. it. you.

2) Dear. is. am. and. a. from