Помогите!!!!!!! Условные предложения!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.- I missed athe train by two minutes. The bas was late. -I told you!If ...(get a taxi\not\miss it) 2.-Why dont you buy a car? -If...(can afford\buy a car),but I havent got any money. 3.-Are you going to the match on Saturday? -Well see. If...(not have to work overtime\go) 4.I wish I...(go) to the Tower when I was in London 5. I wish I...(be) more attentive at the lesson and...(not make) mistakes in a test.


Ответы и объяснения


1) If you got a taxi, you wouldn't miss it.

2) If I could afford, I would buy a car..

5) I wish I had been more attentive, and  I would not have made mistakes in a test

4) I wish I had gone...

3) If I won t have to work overnight, I will go....