Ребяятки помогите пожалуйста завтра контрольная по английскому ) надо решить

1) нужно преобразовать слова в скобках, в нужную форму!!!

Come to see ( I ). He saw (you). Children asked (he) to help (they). They invited (we) to the party.

2) Какое слово из скобок нужно поставить ?

This is (my/mine) book. She took (her/hers) camera. The letter is (my/mine). This house is (our/ours). They give me ( their/theirs) address. The bag is ( your/yours).

3) Поставить слово в нужной форме.

He (came) home late yesterday. They (will tell) you the truth. Children do the work regularly. The boy aften takes part in competitions


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Come to see me. He saw you\me. Children asked him to help them. They invited us to the party.


This is my book. She took her camera. The letter is mine. This house is our. They give me their address. The bag is your


в 3 все норм кроме AFTEN - может вы имели ввиду AFTER ?