34 ПУНКТА! you have moved to another city. Send an email to your friend. In your email write- what the new place is like, how you like it, invite her to your house- нужен не перевод задания а само задание -выполненное. минимум 40 слов. написать емейл-ответ св. другу


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Hi, Dan!

You know that I've recently moved to another city. I thought it would be full of smoke and stuff, but, you know, there are lots of trees and it looks very nice! I haven't been to all places of interest yet, but I already like it! The architecture here is really impressive and people are very friendly! Hey, what do you think of dropping in at my house? My parents bought me new console, so we can have fun! Write soon.

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Hello, Dear Mike


I haven't seen you over 3 month. Now I live in Ukraine, in Lviv. It's very beautiful city. It's very modern and at one time old place. There are many beautiful fountains, museums and theaters. Most of all I liked the Opera House. It is located on an area of Freedom. I want invite you to my house. I live in very big house. Out of the window looks beautiful landscape. I hope you'll love that city like me.


Take care, John.